Monday, August 2, 2010

Pioneer Day Swim Performance

I was asked to put together a men's synchronized swim routine for our Stake Pioneer Day talent show. The men who got sucked into it were: Taylor Caron (Pink Cap), Robert Lea (Green Cap), Josh Carter (Blue Cap), Bishop Anthony Perkins (Navy Blue Cap), Dan Omer (White Cap), Patrick Omer (Orange Cap), Chris Day (Yellow Cap), and of coarse Bishop Marcus Stewart (Red Cap). Poor Marcus has no choice being married to me! He gets to go backpacking with his buddies for doing it for me. He's fine!

The practices were so much fun and I had a blast teaching it to these guys. They had fun with it and did amazing! Thanks for being such good sports!!!! You did incredible! I'm already thinking up something for next year! ha ha

Here is the link to another recording of it. It has the begining where they walk in with their robes. It's a closer video. When I put it on my blog it cut off alot of the picture so it will look better if you watch it direct from You Tube.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kolob Reservior

We went to Kolob Reservoir that is near Zions N.P. in Utah with the Lewis Family. We took the wheeler, fishing poles, swim suits and hammocks planning on having a lot of fun. That we did!!! Marcus & Cody taught the boys how to break apart pallets for fire wood. They had fun doing that of coarse! What boy doesn't like to tear stuff up and burn it!!! ha ha

Marcus took the kids fishing and caught nothing but a poor tangled up dying Crawdad. He tried cutting the fishing line off it and got him untangled. They set it free and hoped for the best! Poor guy! It was exciting for the kids anyway!!! I think Marcus had fun too!!! ha ha

They had fun catching caterpillars playing in the freezing cold water and relaxing in the hammocks! We would leave life behind and become full time campers if we could!!! We always have fun at Kolob so until next time we have our wonderful memories!!!

Fall Soccer

I have lost some pictures. This is the only picture I have of Fall Soccer. Sad!!! If I find them I will upload more later. We got approval to do Fall Soccer with the stake Primary Sports Program. This was our first season and it all went really well. We had an overwheelming turn out of over 500 kids sign up to play this season but we (the committee Yeah!!) pulled it off and it all went pretty smooth!!! We have so much fun as a family helping with this program. The kids got to drive the Gater and help set up the fields and then clean them up at the end of the night. They LOVE that and are making some really fun memories. They have fun playing on their teams and are getting to know a lot more kids with the interaction they have with the other kids in the stake. They have fun hanging out and eating snack shack food. We love this time as a family and have so many fun memories because of this great program!

More Summer Fun

More pool pictures!!!

We spent alot of time at the community pools this summer. We live in Vegas what else can you do in the HEAT!!! Makell and Chase didn't dare go off the diving board. We Finally got them to try it and then we couldn't get them to do anything else. It was fun to see them so scared and then so confidant.

This is how the kids would dry off before coming in the house after they swam! Thanks kids!!!

Andie all geared up and ready to swim in the Stewart make shift pool! ha ha It at least cools us off without having to go anywhere. Better than nothing right!!

We went out of town and came back to a green pool. The kids didn't care and played in it anyway! EWWW!!!! It didn't last long because Dad came to the rescue and got us clean water to play in!!! Thanks Dad!!!!!! ha ha Marcus is sooooo good to us!! I don't know how we would function with out him!!!

Birthday Redemption

Yeah!!! I found the fun Pict's. Here was her adorable cake that she LOVED!!!
We took her to the YMCA pool and I LOVE this pictures of her!!! She is soooo cute!

She played on the hill more than she played in the water! There were a lot of people there and she got bothered by the splashing and crazy kids everywhere. I had fun playing with her on the grass and we would go cool off in the water when we needed to cool down. Trenton would come hang out with us every so often too. Dad, Makell and Chase stuck to the water slide and would get Trenton to go with them but he liked relaxing with us too.

As you can see we had a blast and Andie did have a fun birthday. She decided to potty train the week before her birthday. She did soooo good with it! Turning 2 she is now really a BIG girl. My Birthday is 2 days before hers so that was a wonderful birthday present for me!! No more kids in diapers at the Stewart house!!! Yeah!!!!!!!! She is so special and we love her so much!!! Happy Birthday Andie & Mom!!!

Andie's 2nd Birthday

This was Andie's 2nd Birthday and as you can see we went all out!! ha ha This is why I should update my blog faster. I forget what all has happened and don't capture the fun. That is the only picture I could find of the cake and it was already cut up. It was a Strawberry Shortcake Cake. Andie Loves Strawberry Sbortcake!!! She was very excited about the cake!
She was trying to hold back!

She ate her piece quick!!! She takes after me!! I love birthday cake too!!!

This Birthday had to be more exciting but for some reason I can't find the exciting pictures so here's the end results!!! ha ha Better luck next year I hope! Needless to say, We all LOVE our little Lou Lou and are so glad we can be a part of her happy life!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lagoon Summer 2009

We took the kids to Lagoon in Farmington, UT this last summer. I think they will all remember it. We all had a great time. We stayed in the Lagoon KOA and did two days at the park. The thing that we will remember the most is when Chase lost his cell phone. While Marcus & I took Trenton and Andie on some little kid rides we let Chase and Makell go together on the bigger rides together. They went on a ride called Wicked that starts out by going straight up in the air and then straight down. Like an upside down U but taller. He had his phone in his pocket and it fell out on the up part and the guy sitting in the seats behind them caught it. The kids didn't realize the guy had caught it so they were all sick about it and trying to figure out what to do when they got off the ride. As they were looking all over outside the gates the guy came over to them and asked if they lost a cell phone on the ride. Chase said yes and told him what it looked like. He showed it to Chase sure enough it was his. We were all amazed the the guy caught it in a split second in the middle of a roller coaster ride. They told the guy Thank You over & over. He was so relieved and so were we. The kids talked about it the rest of the trip. It was so fun to tell all the fun stories that Marcus & I had groing up going to this park. They got to go on our favorite rides as kids and loved them like we did. We had so much fun there and will be going back in the future!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Having Fun Forting!

One of the kids favorite thing to do is make forts and then sleep in them. This is a fort they made in the boys room they are standing in frount of the little door that you had to crawl into to get in it. Marcus and I both somehow made it through and back out at that! We are not built for this stuff anymore! It sucks getting old!!!! We love to see them having fun together!
Trenton and his cutest little smile! These are all picture inside there hut now.

Makell has all their clothes picked out and ready for the next day!

Andie and Chase ready for fun! They love everything except putting it all away when their done. They do it anyway and try to be happy about it so that they can build another fort another time! Have fun forting kids! ha ha

Girls Fun

These are just some fun shots of the girls playing in the backyard at our house. They were having so much fun together and as a mom you have to capture those moments! Makell is such a good big sister, sometimes I think Andie loves her more than her parents but then she comes back to the light! ha ha They actually played like this for quite a while. I am so proud of both the girls they are so much fun to be their mom!

Fresh Salsa Anyone?

So this summer we thought we would try our hand in a salsa garden. We grew the tomatoes, peppers, and onions. It actually worked so then we had to learn how to make salsa. I had all the kids helping out so that they could learn right along with me. Makell skinned the tomatoes.
And of course supervised everyone else. ha ha She is such a good helper though!!!

Trenton chopped the Green peppers in the food processor. The boys decided that they needed their goggles so that their eyes wouldn't burn. They were so funny but they kept at it, and it made it more fun for them anyway.

Chase cut onions and was felling so big to get to use the knife! We had so much fun making salsa as a family and it was soooooo yummy when we were all done! We are looking forward to our summer garden next year. I think we will plant more than just a salsa garden this time around and see how we fair! ha ha